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I Have a Crush On My Best Friend

My Best Friend I have a crush on my best friend. I don't know what to do. He has been my best friend for 2 years. I like really like him. He know s that i like him. Well we have kissed and done other things. But he... [more]
  • I Kissed a Girl

    I Kissed Girls And I Loved It. I have kissed a couple different girls. My first time I kissed a girl I was 13, it was kind of a dare. We were dancing on each other like grinding. We had just got done with our Wed night lessons at c… [more]
  • I Am A Bi Teenager

    Dont Know How It Happen When i first figured out i was bi, i was scared still am. I found out cause i was dared to kiss a friend of mine who is bi. I loved the way her lips felt against mine. Than i was also messing around w… [more]
  • I Remember My 1st Kiss

    basement......... My first kiss happened in my basement. I. Was hanging out with a guy friend when I was not suppose to be, my parents weren't home. It was just my sisters and I. His name was Jomar. Jomar and I we… [more]
  • I Used to Cut

    I Felt Alone I started to cut in 7th grade.No knew back than, only reason people found out was because they saw the marks on my wrist. I felt alone like everyone was against rne. It was the only thing i had as to … [more]