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I Am a Fan of Theluckyduck

To My Boo I am completely, totally, amazingly,happily in love with you. I'm so very glad that I may call you mine. You mean the world to me. I can't wait until the day that we may be together and... [more]
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  • I Hate When People Look Over My Shoulder

    Your Nosey Eyes If there is one thing that i just can not stand it's someone looking over my shoulder while I'm doing something.She stares from behind my back, just reading away at my computer screen. "I co… [more]
  • I Grow Helpless When My Neck Is Bitten

    You Win Yes, well. I'm eff'in if someone even touches my neck the right way. So, when someone bites or kisses... omg!!! You don't even know.. You don't even KNOW! … [more]
  • I Like Dressing Up

    I'm Me In My Little Dress Girly, cute, and fun. That's what you can expect from me when I dress up. It doesn't happen often, but when it does I tend to go for it all. Dresses. I love them. Skirts are ok, but it's the dress … [more]
  • I Love Having My Hair Played With

    Goodness ^_^ If someone plays with my hair they better be prepared to not stop. I love it. It's one of the best relaxation tools ever. I love a man who plays with my hair. … [more]
  • April 12, 2010

    Posted on: April 12th, 2010 at 8:11PM

    For some reason I am just in general sad. I don't really have a clue why. I mean: I've got a great family, a good friend not too far from me, and a great great guy. I just can't help but to feel lost. People have taken note of my "acting strange" but I just can't tell them what's wrong, but I don't know. I don't know. It's been since last week, Friday. I took a few hours out of going home to sit in a big grassy field. I told my boyfriend that I was just going to disappear for a little while and turned off my cell phone. I liked the "me" time. Not a single person around me. I sat on the top of my jeep and watched the cows below me walk around and play. I felt better. It lasted through the … [more]


  • My Much Wanted Visitor

    Posted on: May 7th, 2010 at 10:45PM

    I just can't wait to finally see him. To hold him. I am nervous as heck! BUT I'm soooooooooo excited!!! MONDAY MONDAY MONDAY!! … [more]


  • I Love It When You Call Me Baby

    Posted on: February 7th, 2010 at 5:11AM

    It's like I actaully belong somewhere. Like I can acutally let go and be loved. You are a gift that's been given to me, though it's labled handle with care. I'd have you no other way.The way you smile when you're shy, makes my heart ache because deep down I know I could see it everyday, if only I lived closer. I can't think when you laugh( nor can I think when you're just you, sexy, loving,goofy, just fun). It's good medication, even now when I'm actually sick, coughing up a lung. I say that I'm sorry for coughing in your ear while I'm on the phone with you, but you're ok with it. This is something simple, but I can not tell you how many people are jerks about it, even when I'm a whole three… [more]


  • I Would Trade It For The Silence

    Posted on: February 22nd, 2010 at 9:35PM

    When you sleep, no one is homeless. When you sleep, you can't feel the hunger. When you sleep, no one is lonely in a dream. Without classes, without nations. When you sleep, she's standing there with open arms and one night could last forever. And if you asked her, she'd never let go. And you'd stay forever. The sun's always rising in the sky somewhere. And if young hearts should explode from all the lies they've been told, let the new night bring you peace and the promise of tomorrow. Where we can wake, to a new beginning. Tomorrow, I'll all but have lost their faces, my friends and family. Memories of all we had and the times we should have lived. And tomorrow, America just might fall apa… [more]