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I Was Just Thinking

Small List Of Where America Ranks In The World: Here in America a lot of people like to claim that we are the best nation on Earth. "We're number one" they say. If one were to challenge... [more]
  • I Am Not a Poet But I Think I Write Poems

    Save Your Prayer You pray for me but what I see Is a sea of preying profanity A profane foundation of faith by daze faulting me for faulting ways You point your f… [more]
  • I Have a Story to Tell

    My Teddy Story Disclaimer; I'm drinking so I will try to make this understandable. I was in the fifth grade and Teddy Ruxbin was all the rage. The toy was fairly new to the market and the… [more]
  • I Was Just Thinking

    Useless Knowledge # ....5? Red Light Districts Most everyone knows what a red light district is. It refers to an area known for prostitution. But do you know why it is referred to as the ' red light' … [more]
  • I Was Just Thinking

    Did You Know... We all know Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones. But did you know he wasn't the first choice. Originally the director and producers wanted Tom Selleck to play the part of Indi, but due to s… [more]