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I Love Books

Holy crap, so awhile back I was reading 'the fault in our stars' and I like the book, but I would have loved it if my friend didn't blurt out the end of it. Totally ruined it. So hopefully (maybe on... [more]
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  • I Have Very Little Sweet Memories Of My Childhood

    The Pink Roses I remember all those times before my father passed away he gave me pink roses.... he gave them to me on my birthday on my award days sometimes he gave me roses for the hell of it..... I … [more]
  • I Remember My First Kiss

    He was a figure skater and I was too...we'd play around on the ice occasionally,and he help me put on my boots when my father wasn't around and every now and again we had snack time together, but that… [more]
  • I Had A Dream

    I had this dream. Where I wanted the feeling of a man 'loving me and keeping me safe within his heart' .... Since no one was in that place yet, I knew daddy still felt like that fo… [more]
  • I Know There's A 'one Day' For Everything

    One Day... One day, he's going to know. He'll know your birthday. Your middle name. Where you were born. Your star sign, and your parents names. He'll know how old you were when you… [more]