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I Am a Victim of Emotional Abuse

Scared Of Him I am currently being emotionally abused by my grandfather who also works for the same company as I - which means I have to see him every single day. I know that it wouldn't stop even if I quit my job... [more]
  • I Have Been to a Mental Hospital

    Three Months In Hell I'm 17 and I've spent quite some time in a mental hospital. I'm bipolar, have an eating disorder, panic attacks and have been self-harming since I was 12. I guess that explains why I was in there...… [more]
  • I Have Had a Panic Attack

    The Scariest Attack Now a days I rarely have panic attacks anymore and if I do I have the tools I need to handle them; my doctor even removed the diagnosis and declared me recovered. The moment I'm about to describe was … [more]
  • I Need a New Life Plan

    It Wasn't Supposed To Turn Out Like This... I had my life plan figured out and I had no doubt I'd make it. That I'd shape my future just the way I wanted to. I've always succeeded in everything I've ever decided to do. I've never failed in anyt… [more]
  • I Am Afraid Of Never Being Truly Loved

    Afraid Of Love? I talk openly about mental illnesses and blogg about my own struggle with bipolar disorder, but I haven't told anyone this secret: I am afraid of love. I am afraid of never being truly lo… [more]