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I Like Tight Clothes That Show Off My Belly

Jeans I went thrift store shopping with my coworkers today. I found a pair of size 18 jeans, and I mentioned I used to wear that size but they no longer fit me. The girls swore I still wore that size... [more]
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  • I Like Tight Clothes That Show Off My Belly

    I Could Use Some Clothing Advice! Well, I have been working part time at the window of my post office and part time in processing for about three months. My one co-worker was right, I have started to pile on the pounds, and since I am… [more]
  • I Imagine A World Where Everyone Is Extremely Fat

    Fat Is Patriotic ! Over the years, Americas have become fatter and fatter. I feel a sense of pride when I see this. Americas are portrayed as constantly fat by the world's media, and we should embrace it! We should show… [more]
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    Fighting with self control.
    I always wanted to be fat. Even when I was little, I would stuff my shirts with fabric and couldn't wait until I could grow up and be a fat woman. Now I am 35. I am a big girl for my size, 200 lbs. I struggle with wanting to weigh more so much, but keep my weight at 200 as its where no one seems to bother me about it. My friends have talked me into dieting, exercising. Even as a city mail carrier, I only went down to 185lbs, and that was walking 6 hours a day. As soon as the 2 would disappear from in front of my weight, I would go to Dimensions, read stories, be so turned on I couldn't believe it, and munch my way back to 200. Now that I am a clerk, what I really want to do is eat, gain … [more]
  • Work Confessions

    I should feel bad, but I can't
    I had done what society wanted me to do. I started to lose weight. I got the divorce, lost 22 lbs, and everyone told me how great I looked. I was working a ton of overtime as a very physical machine clerk and mailhandler. At least, until the first week of Feburary. I then got a less physcial, daylight job as a window clerk. As soon as I got out of training, (having already gained back three pounds in the week that it took) my new coworkers gave me shirts to borrow. All 3x. I wear xl. The women smiled and said to order my own shirts larger than what I wear when my allowance gets approved. I was instantly turned on. And guilty. I know I should want to stay thinner. Two weeks later, I look at m… [more]