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And now for something different.

I am alot of things.... some good and some bad.... but mostly just "neutral" in a Buddhists sense and subject to perceptions.

But more importantly.... If I walked in your shoes.... I would be you.... and if you walked in mine..... you would me.

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Favorite Quote Say fuck the world! And then set about to go fuck it! Be the wolf not the lamb! And.....
Vices Too honest.... Don\'t really have any boundaries for humour...I give tough love instead of validation... I don\'t really see them as vices...but people can get very upset about these things. :)
Politics Anarchist
Special day
Books Too many... Love some of the Sci-fi stuff... but history and physcology stuff aswel and many others.
Music Almost anything.... some things appeal to me more at certain times.
Movies Too many.
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I Believe There Is A Plan To Divide Us

DIVIDE AND CONQUER The following is some excerpts from Sun Tzus Art of War: "Warfare is the way (Tao) of deception. Thus although [you are] capable, display incapability to... [more]
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