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I Like Drinking Four Lokos

Try To Skate After 3 Cans It gets you ****** up what more can I say. Bust my *** on my skateboard cause of it and I skate everyday learned my lesson. [more]
  • I Am Tired of Creepy Guys Hitting On Me

    Pervert Attractor Ever since I was a teen I've been called a pervert attractor and it was'nt like dressed slutty I was freaking tomboy then. Anytime we went somewhere without me nothing happened but as soon as I hang w… [more]
  • I Am An Artist

    Lost My Inspiration I've been drawing since as long as remember started with drawing dr.suess illustrations then eventually I worked up to comics mainly stuff by vertigo finally I could just draw whatever I thought up of… [more]
  • I Feel Much Older Than I Really Am

    Knowing As a kid I got along with people much older than me and could never relate to anyone my age. I never did it to impress people or because I thought it was cool it just naturally happened it was'nt unti… [more]
  • I Hate Animal Cruelty

    Sad When I was a little girl there were two kittens one white and the other black(named them yin and yang yeah I know it's unoringinal but I was a kid) who were put out of their home because the owner los… [more]