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I Was Fooling Around And

I Was Fooling Around And When i was 17 years old my bf and i were getting busy on the floor when i felt something strange on my ***... whiskers!.. the dog! friend's boston terrier ,Piggie was licking my ***... not... [more]
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  • I Am Venting

    My Worst Memory .. And It Haunts Me I'ts bed time ..Dad is drunk again  and I'm maybe 7 or 8 years old ...i have 3 siblings and we are all upstairs in bed .we have school tomarrow . my parents are downstairs .. screaming I am … [more]
  • I Am Venting

    May I Ramble ? I really don't know where to start .i guess ....first of all .. I am a philosopher .. I am a crazy person as well... I do art sometimes .. and write poems sometimes... sometimes .. i think about … [more]
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    i'm lonely
    Gosh I'm lonely .. i don't know where to start .. I've felt like an alien my whole life .. i've had to change myself just to keep a few people in my life.. and i still feel lonely ....I honestly . don't know if i know who i am anymore .. or if I ever did know .. I used to feel passion .. or was it obsession.?. I've never really been very balanced ,,,I've been through so many stages .. I've been the innocent one .. the rebel .. the irrational .. the mediator .. the theropist .. the patient ..I've been annorexic and I've been ..ballemic ...( i think i spelt those wrong ) I'm chubby... i used to excel in school .. then i did terrible .. and almost didn't finish highschool ...I used t… [more]
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    i have schitzo effective disorder
    i have schitzo effective dissorder ... which means .. i can't trust myself .. my thoughts .,. anymore ,., im new to this .. problem .. and i need support .. i suffered through ..parinoid dillusions .. and auditory and visual hallucinations ... and what i've learned is to be more grateful .. of the time when i feel fine ... and grateful for everything... but i've also learned that the world is not yet tollerant and understanding .,. of this yet .,.. of mental illness... it's like having the plague ... ..; to anyone who can relate ... all those "crazies".. out there .,.. .,.. you aren't stupid .. or rediculous.. .. reality is just strange ..… [more]
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    ok so it was us
    back when i was homeless ..when i was 17 . and had stopped going to school .. my ex bf .. my friend and i were bored and awake at like 4 in the morning .. cause we used to just sleep all day .. and stay up at night ... we were bored .. and there was this girl we knew .. who used to be my neighbor .. her mother was a terrible woman .. hitting her kids with bats .. supposedly .. and threatening .. to poison our dog .. so ex and my friend had this bright idea that .. they would put poo all over her house in the middle of the night ... so.. they pooed in some bags .. we headed over there and i was the lookout while they proceeded to rub poo all over her truck .. , her front door a… [more]