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Hiya! My name is Ashley, now before you add me or ask me about sex, just stop. Im not into talking to you about that. It bothers me. Just because im became part of a group about something sex related does not mean that, thats all I am or all I want to talk to you about. Now back to everything going to school for business. I love meeting people and networking! My ultimate goal in life is to make people happy and give those who deserve a chance, another chance. Im slowly discovering who I am and thats whats making life so great for me. While it can be difficult it is fun, because you get to learn. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

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I Want You to Read This Before You Add Me to Your Circle

Im Not Here For Sex Due to the increase in people messaging and adding me about sex, I have felt the need to post this. I am in a relationship, a happy one at that. No I dont want to see your penis, I find it disgusting... [more]
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    Removal Story... You may have to read my first story about me being allergic to my implanon to know a little of my story. Also I dont remember if i said this in my first post but my implanon was put in perfectly. Righ… [more]
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    Things That Happen After As you all know I have gotten my implanon removed. It has just been a little over a month, and finally my period has returned to me. So I figured I should relay what happened to me this past month aft… [more]
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    A Year After Implanon Its been over a year since I got implanon removed and all in all the year has kind of sucked. Since my last story here is what has happened... September 29th was the period I got after my… [more]