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I Had a Stalker

I Got A Gf Fromit the person who was doingna dare and she devoled a crush on me and i walked by iand i hear her sayi want to to be my boyfriend and im not putting her name out because someone put knifto er thuht ang he... [more]
  • I Wet Myself At School

    I Peed My Self we wereat the gym weight lifting and i asked the coach can i use the restroom he said no becaus the class was almost over and i hadto stay in thewieght room to help the girls get stated and helpig my… [more]
  • I Love Wearing Girls Clothes Especially Pink And Frilly

    I Wear My Sisters Stuff so are off on winter break and my sister came nd i was home alone so i decide to wear a pink thong and bra and dress and got gaught so i had to go to the mall and in victoris secret in pink… [more]
  • I Kissed a Girl

    It Was Great the studets dard me to kissthisvery cute girl so i did and said shes my cousin thats the onlyway i ot away wiht it … [more]