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Writing is my passion. It's my way of expressing myself, since I don't do well when I try to express my emotions. =/ No one really gets me. And no one tries, because I'm a little too complicated for my own good. My mind is a mess of intricate patterns and paths that all seem to tangle up in themselves. And somewhere, my tangles all meet in the middle. In my subconscious.

Speaking of my subconscious, it's also very complicated. And it also prohibits me from expressing myself in explicit manners. I am completely unable to show off my emotions. If I try, I only punish myself.

I don't trust anyone, but at the same time, trust everyone too much.

I'm conceited when I'm confident, and annoy the heck out of people with my observations and prying questions. Most of my observations are accurate or at least close, but when they aren't, I only screw up the conversation and/or make things awkward.

So in short, I'm a man who is difficult to understand. And a man who's sanity is in question.

But I'll be honest, that's just the way I like it.

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