Transgender , 41-45
Feeling happy
Getting married next year to my ex wife, but I will be the bride this time

as a euncuh (no genitals) life is very different for me, no more tucking, no more tight undies etc, know i can wear french knickers or normal panties without for my next ten years i will dress and life as before in either male or female clothes (as there is no eunuch clothes stores). have not missed SEX, but time will tell. I will keep you all posted

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I Love Meet Old School Friends

Going out with some of my ballet girlfriends to meet up with old school pals, a mix of boys and girls and most are not aware that I am a eunuch (but to be honest all thought I was a transsexual) any... [more]
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  • I Want A Penectomy

    Yes, I Have Had A Penectomy For any man how would like to now what life is like after the operation, once the enjoyment of having done pasts and the hormones levels drop and dissappear, I am in my 15 month post op and I am start… [more]
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    I Can Do The Oversplits It started when I joined my ballet school, the teacher was all about the flexiblility, so when I did the splits straight down, she got me started on the oversplits road. At my best I had my legs up on… [more]
  • I Love Stockings

    Feel Free When Wearing Stocking Ladies (and Men) Since my operation, (and before) I love the feeling of wearing stockings (and hold-ups) under my dresses and skirts, its feel so much cooler and fresh and if I wear my skaters skirts and the wind blow… [more]