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I Reserve The Right To Revise Or Extend My Comments Or Stories

On Second Thought I try not to shoot from the hip. I try to hold back and think things out.  But sometimes I write something and later change my mind.  If I am upbeat, my writing probably reflects this.  If I am a... [more]
  • I Am Not Afraid To Block An Ep Member

    Why So Bitter? If I am blocked, I don't care.   I don't just block for kicks. If your values are unlike mine, that is not justification for blocking. No. When I use this feature, it is because yo… [more]
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    Be Cautious When Choosing An Online Pharmacy
    Most of us use generic medicines at some point or every day. Some of us are forced to order meds from overseas to save money. If you buy generic medicines from an overseas pharmacy, please read this whole message. Stay clear of SPIER pharmaceutical products (manufactured in India and perhaps elsewhere). I am specifically referring to a medicine called modafinil (but any Spier product could be dangerous). The Spier brand could have mold/parasite spores in the blister packs that are too small to even notice. This has to do with sanitation at the manufacturing level.   I used the Spier Modafinil and I became ill with a horrible skin condition. I mean bad (like antibiotics, lab tests, phon… [more]