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I Don't Want to See Your Nude Pics

Ladies Save It For Your "hubby" Ladies please dont friend me with your nude pictures - I dont have no intrest in seeing your sagging **** and shaved *****. You read the messages that these pathetic men put under your pictures like... [more]
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  • I Like to Eat Ramen Noodles

    I Like Ramen Noodles Too But.... I know I should not eat them - I buy my ramen noodles from the Asian markets they have a huge selection and the price is good. I have a special big bowl that is Chinese that I put my noo… [more]
  • I Love Coffee

    I Love Coffee Too. I am not a coffee snob but I like Coffee with Coffee-Mate ( lots ) not too much though and sugar. … [more]
  • I Am Italian

    But I was born here in - did all the traditional American things and had some of the traditional things of my parents land. … [more]
  • I Am Not Fake, Neither Is My Profile

    I am what I am - sometimes I get knocked because of my age - they think I am a crotchety old fart - I don;t even have to defend myself let people think what they want. … [more]