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Hello everyone , Barkha here . I am here to make decent friends . I love to show of my belly and belly button/navel . Add me on if you want to chat about my navel :)

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I Play With My Belly Button

Puppy Bellybutton Love I sighed as I finished tidying things up around the house. I was tired after a long work week, and decided immediately that I was going to get some much-needed alone time this weekend. Looking out the... [more]
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  • I Am Navel Fan

    Local Train Journey By now all my navel /Belly button fans must have got the idea what kinda person i am and what i like to do with my belly and just love attention near that region . So 1 day i accidentally boarded a ge… [more]
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    I Am A Teacher I am an English teacher for class 8 standard ... I love to wear sarees to school .... My Midriff gets a lot of attention , I mostly cover my navel , but sometimes while writing on the board my belly b… [more]
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