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so calm
feeling calm
About Very friendly,, basically in between religion and Spirituality. nature and beauty lover, shy with strangers. Many few people can understand me, I am gemini, sense of humor, optimistic, try to avoid depression:-) but still in it:-) Bad English,bad grammar, sorry, my apologies:-) Strongly believe In globule brother hood. Because we all belong to one mam and dad(peace be upon then) Adam and eve. We can be of different colors,faith,religion,languages,geographical location location, but we belong to same source which have many names, as,Allah, God,Bhgwan,white spirit(as Native American call him) He Is the only one and one source of us, we came from him and we have to return back to him. The best name on which we all agree Is eternal source, He Is generator of all light,for living/alive creature,including Plant water. We are part of mighty Lord,we are alive because of his spirit, and that his light shine ever every where, just we need inner knowledge or inner eye He Watch us and with us, We suffer because of our bad karma.He Is totally love no doubt and so beneficent ,kind, for those to who do not believe in him. He benefit to all. Some are so obedient,some are so Ignorant . We can say we are his child, saying so no sin. He knows what I mean, For now that Is enough.
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