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My sunflowers are starting to grow more :) That totally made my day.

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I Want To Share Ten Things

1) I like honking the horn on my car when a handsome man is running by. I find that funny and well they find it flattering X) 2) I like kilts.. A kilt on a guy (not all but some) is a turn on... [more]
  • I Need Someone to Talk to

    I lost all my friends when i dropped out of high school. I didn't keep in touch with them but 1. We were best friends for 5 years but stopped being friends with me because of her boyfriend. :( Im sad … [more]
  • I Like to Lie Outside and Watch the Stars

    I used to live in a house where part of the roof was flat so it was easy to climb on :) I would go up there every night and just lay there and watch the stars. :) Sometimes i go out to places far from… [more]
  • I Believe In Ghosts

    Ive had many paranormal experiences in my life ( far too many). The most recent one i had was when i was in my room cleaning it up. I had all my paintings against the door and they are pretty heavy to… [more]
  • I Have Seen Angels

    I believe i have had some contact with an angel. I remember focusing on talking to my angel and i saw a hand reach out and said "Im here." :)… [more]