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I Wear Diapers At Night

Hello im going into diapers 24/7 because of my lower back its making me lose control I have a few friends helping me out this sucks any ideas on whatkind to get [more]
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  • I Am Looking For A Dominate Man

    I Am A Master,daddy Whatever U Call It i punish naughty girls and boys i love them when there good and i get them to b submissive to me even if they dont want to so ill b your best friend daddy and master. but when ur bad u better b ready … [more]
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    im over protective
    it all started when i was about in 4 grade. so this whti normally would be told going to classes fatty ,go die in a hole, ur nothing, just awaste of space and thts when strated to become this monster tht will talk back, not listing and this also me my grades i just want to change every thing but i cant… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    i hate love
    i just hate love cause once u start to get somewhere with somebody and u manup to ask them out they always so no or lets be friends and then when u date someone and u tell them very secret and then they promiss not to tell evrything and then they go behinde ur back and tell every body wht u siad and then ur life would be a mess cause the preson u once loved treated u like **** and they dont care for wht u siad or do for them they just try to hurt u in some ways tht are really mean. this happened to me i was going head over heeels for this one girl and every time i asked her out she would always say no and i gave her every thing i had but she would always say i dont love u or like u as a frie… [more]
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    ive seen the cops
    ive seen the cops for bringing a knife to school threating to kill some kids and teachers… [more]
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    life gets sorter every day
    so every day im sitting here and im thinking wht would it be like if the world ended or i ended a lot of people would be happy and others not so much but im still thinking on how school gets longer and ur life gets sorter.  i always thought tht if u were to find something tht makes u happy ur never really happy at all.  i hate those people who think tht school should be fun when its not cause u lose half ur life to school… [more]