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I am a single 18 year old female who has taken an occupation in modeling. I was discovered last year by a wonderful store manager, who thought I would be perfect for their new promotion. I was found at a gig my band had, and the manager contacted me saying I was the person they wanted! Excited as I was, I was also sad that I had less free time. I now had modeling classes to take, and lots of photo shots. I am no longer with that company and I don't want to release the name. Now, I model in hopes of moving to a larger company such as "Aeropostale" or "Target" or another "American Eagle". It is such a great experience, and lots of fun, although it is tons of work. I am currently in work with stock photos and have included some photos. But, I don't know if they are copyrighted. They are me though so I don't know that it matters.

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