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I Am Very Random

Random Me I say and do things that dont even make sense to me at times. I dont care to ask questions or to even answer them. I love who I am. I am different from many people and dont act like a "normal" person... [more]
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  • I Like People With a Sense of Humour

    Just Why I not only think people with sense of humour have the best conversations but its actually attractive. I am silly myself so when I find someone who has sense of humour we can do real damage.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Friends who just dump you.
    I have this friend who I have helped out so much when her bf beat her, went to jail, and stole from her. I helped her find a car, bought food for her, helped her with alot of things but since he is out of jail she dosent want to talk much to me. I think she really isnt who I thought she was, we hung out all the time but now its like she has be stuck up his ***. Worse thing is when she needs something she will call me. I think I should just ignore her and let her do it on her own since she wants to be like this. Same time I dont want to loose her as a friend. I am so confussed because she means alot to me. I think that it upsets me that she used me til he came back. Now how should I go about … [more]