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I'M amazing and grotesque @the same time just about all the time i feel like my life has bi-polar disorder.. however im a person that suffers from Borderline personality disorder dictates a lot of who i am what i do && the life i live.. i'm on a fairly new jouney to learning how to live with this && still feel like im living a fulfilling life not just existing ..there is so much to me I'm pretty brilliant && talented but my disorder often times makes all that take a back seat

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I Am Who I Am

Borderline Personality Disorder + The Stigma its terrible .. especially at my age trying to date peers bc you need a lot of maturity just to understand.. my bf is between somewhat accepting it but on average he thinks im a eff'd up individual... [more]
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    this is my first personal writing about myself im doing besides the quick self description when your making your profile... sigh .. i have borderline personality disorder just wanted to get that of… [more]
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    i used "mania" bc for me its like a mood swing not actual joy i still feel empty inside like im faking the happiness.. i have extreme emotional problems this makes many ppl think i am bi polar but im … [more]
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    why do we fake/ pretend online.. according to my experience ..bc online not real if i may say that.... there are to many ways you can manipulate things ..&& naturally we like to portray the be… [more]
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    i totally have not been following football @ all the whole season but im rooting for the ravens && only b/c i wouldn't mind wearing black && purple && I JUST WANT TO DO THE Ray… [more]