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I'M amazing and grotesque @the same time just about all the time i feel like my life has bi-polar disorder.. however im a person that suffers from Borderline personality disorder dictates a lot of who i am what i do && the life i live.. i'm on a fairly new jouney to learning how to live with this && still feel like im living a fulfilling life not just existing ..there is so much to me I'm pretty brilliant && talented but my disorder often times makes all that take a back seat

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I Am Who I Am

Borderline Personality Disorder + The Stigma its terrible .. especially at my age trying to date peers bc you need a lot of maturity just to understand.. my bf is between somewhat accepting it but on average he thinks im a eff'd up individual... [more]
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    being fake online
    why do we fake/ pretend online.. according to my experience ..bc online not real if i may say that.... there are to many ways you can manipulate things ..&& naturally we like to portray the best us possible...who we want to be.. or who we should be or should act like rather then our whole selves.. naturally we want attention/ love we want to be liked && accepted so we manipulate the smallest of things to achieve that bc technology allows us to do that.. plus fear is absent && or no where near what it is like in real life .. i deleted my facebook (only social network i belonged to besides this one bc the more && more i expressed myself on facebook the more && more i noticed that the profile &… [more]
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    a secret i don't want
    this is my first personal writing about myself im doing besides the quick self description when your making your profile... sigh .. i have borderline personality disorder just wanted to get that off my chest whether its a symptom of my disorder or choice.. i have addictive behaviors && im an abuser.. specifically ill leave that for another confession.. (ugh why is it so hard to say this/write) ..this one is about abusing myself... i do in many ways ..the one i want to confess right now is that i suffer from anorexia i use to be bulimic started in like 7th/8th  grade but after serious health issues i stopped but i just found other ways to be abusive to myself..… [more]
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    my 2013 super bowl sunday team
    i totally have not been following football @ all the whole season but im rooting for the ravens && only b/c i wouldn't mind wearing black && purple && I JUST WANT TO DO THE Ray Lewis DANCE!  … [more]
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    unconsciously confessing pains
    i used "mania" bc for me its like a mood swing not actual joy i still feel empty inside like im faking the happiness.. i have extreme emotional problems this makes many ppl think i am bi polar but im not after being diagnosed with depression && then later on being hospitalized while i was in-patient a different doctor thought i was bi polor after basically being(feeling) like a lab rat && being more honest about myself && issues .. borderline was the winning ticket 3rd times the charm i guess&& according to the symptoms i have all (the dissociation symptom i dont have according to me but my boyfriend said i attacked him once which i have no recollection of period. however i was up for days &… [more]