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My name is Meg. I'm 23, live in a very small town, I love tattoos and piercings. Heavy metal music, the 1940's and 50's. Baking, big band music, horror movies, video games, and reading. I have alot to say, but somewhere between my brain and my mouth my words get lost, I have selective mutism, which has been absolute hell for me. I get a little better with everyday. I can go weeks without speaking anything but yes and no until I get comfortable around people. For years, I was told that the reason for this is that I was "too smart for my own good" which is completely the most idiotic thing i've ever heard...
If you need to know anything else, you could ask. That's just a little overview of things.

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  • a little German
  • and a little Irish
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Books Greek and Roman Poetry
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Movies Horror, black and white, silent, and sci fi. My fav. Being star wars.
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