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i am outgoing, bisexual, and willing to make friends who i share things in common with..i am 19 and pregnant..6 months. having a boy. name will be Aiden..been in the BEST relationship since 2007 with the man in my photo album of me and him:) i am diabetic. hemophiliac, insomniac, bipolar, and ADHD. i have lots of friends. i can sing very good. :) i have dreams and goals in life..i am a christian/catholic...i have a very strict religion..:( i do not like people who have sex with family members or animals..if u do this, GET THE FUCK OFF MY PAGE..THANKS :)

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I Have a Confession

if u added me without even thinking of talking to me, please remove me from ur circle. i dont want random adds from people who arent ever gonna talk to me..thanks..i want people with the same... [more]
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  • I Hate It When People Judge Me Before They Get To Know Me

    People Always Judge You Before They Get To Know You this one girl said i was ugly so i wasnt her friend. this guy told me i look like a **** because my shirt was a bit tight. my teacher said i look like a rag doll because my hair was up. my best friend… [more]
  • I Was Raped

    I Was Raped... my cousins have raped and molested me for years. i cannot get over that. my ex boyfriend has raped me a few friends best friend raped me brutally. that was recently in 2010...:'( my moms boy… [more]
  • I Think That Personality Is More Important Than Good Looks

    Personality Vs. Looks i think personality is number one. it has way more importance then how someone looks. It has always been that way to me..looks are the last thing i care for...unless u mean personal hygeine...thats im… [more]
  • I Hate My Mother In Law

    My Stepmother she is a nasty jealous conniving ***** and i wish she would just go away! she tried to beat me up one time whenever i was over at my dads house for visitation purposes. and her fat *** is going to scr… [more]