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I Tried Crystal Meth

My Experience With Meth, Prostitution And Losing Love Ones Well now of course everyone has a reason for turning to drugs, I turnt to meth because of neglected family and boyfriend. It all started when I was 15, I moved out of home, had a boyfriend and left... [more]
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  • I Write About My Experience As A Prostitute

    How Much I Make Being A Hooker: Okay well so many people have mailed me, why do you do it, its not that much money, or, how much you make. So I am going to show how much I cost:Half an Hour:I get $120An… [more]
  • I Write About My Experience As A Prostitute

    My First Client As A Prostitute No matter how many clients I have ******, I still remember my first client as a prositute!I am writing this story because believe it or not i have been asked so many times its not funny...… [more]
  • I Write About My Experience As A Prostitute

    What Prostitute Do When They Have Their Period This might be a gross topic to some, however I have had some people ask me what do i do when I have my period. So i am going to write all the options that pros have while they have 'that time of month… [more]
  • I Am a Prostitute

    The Weirdest Fetishes.. Today at work, was the weirdest clientele i have ever had.. I normally dont find fetishes weird, no matter how different they are, but today I had a bunch of them, client after client with more 'indif… [more]