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I Love My Ipod

Help Animals Endangered So That They Can Live On For Generations To Come to everyone who loves animals and wants to change then from beening killed. please read this. as you all know we see on the tv the wwf advert askingto adopt animal so that they can [more]
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  • I Am One of Jehovah's Witnesses

    Still Learning well ive always been a jehovahs witness as my dad was one and he would always take my five siblings and me to the kingdom hall.but after my dad got remarried back in 2006 i decided to move in with my … [more]
  • I Hate Animal Cruelty

    Say No To Animal Cruelty well whenever you see a advert on tv about animal cruelty you cant help but get really upset that people who have pets cant look after them.i mean whats the point if you cant do it right.half the anim… [more]
  • I Love Animals

    I Love Animals More Than Humans Sometimes ive always had a love for animals i think without ¬†animals the world would be boring. whenever i watch lionman it always inspires me to go work with animals and study with them. a dream job for me wo… [more]
  • I Love Jesus Christ

    I Love Jesus Christ And Jehovah if jesus didnt die for us none off use would be here. so i for one are really grateful for what jesus did for me and i know alot of other people are its only fair off us to live by his co… [more]
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    i feel like im trapped in a situation i cant do nothing about
    ok well when i go to the meetings (jw)with my dad and stepmum cause usually they only stay for the first half off the meeting and then they go home. and sometimes i have gone home with them but only if im unwell or really tired usually i get a ride home with a friend so i could stay for it all. but i know when i have only stayed for the first half i always come out thinking i feel so bad that my parents are the only ones who will get up and go. but when a overseer comes down and do a talk at the end of the meeting they would stay for that but they cant stay for a full meeting. and i have had a agrument with my parents over this i would ask why they stay when the overseer comes down but when … [more]