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I have the sexiest accent!! I love tattoos, i have them and i love them!

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  • a little Italian (Sicilian)
  • and a little Italian (Calabrian)
  • and a little Italian (Napoletane)
Vices What do you think! Im a bad girl but come off shy. See i can fool you!
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Books Stephen King. Any an all
Music Pretty flexible but i miss my tunnel and limelight days. Long live glow sticks and tabs!
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I Have A Friend That Died

The New Kid He was a smart and business savvy young broker named jake. When i saw him i knew this kid from maspeth queens had potential. He was able to pitch better than most senior brokers i know. I taught him... [more]
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  • I Am a Romantic

    4 Years Ago Four years ago today, the greatest man came into my life. I was alone, in the maternity ward. Feeling so lonley and upset because no one wanted to share that moment with me. Had my epidural finally af… [more]
  • I Want to Know the Nicest Thing Anyones Ever Said to You

    The Sweetest Thing Ever Been feelin bummed for a very long time. When i got home from work one night, my lil man was still awake. He is 4. He crawle out of bed And into mine. He put his arm around me and said mommy i … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Just please let me speak!
    Two years of you using me to pay your bills. Of pretending I don't exist, taking advantage that I have a heart. To you I am a doormat. I have needs, to be loved to be touched. To be kissed like I am the one. Being lonley has become life and not merely a state of being. I am not stupid, do not call me ugly. Do not ***** that I am not a supermodel. Stop toying with my emotions. Set me free because you have sucked the life out of me. Kharma will be your judge and jury. I've Cared for you in sickness and in health, I lost it all and earned it back for you. I raise the kids alone because you are selfish and like to act if you were 19 again. Grown man dude, no excuses. Someone out there will appr… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Just thinkin
    Ya know, life is such bullshit. I dont wanna go on without you. Youre my best friend and yes i love you but you know that. Someone close to my heart told me to stop acting like you are gone, to help you live. You better fight, i swear it cuz theres no way in hell ur gonna go out any other way but how YOU wanna go out!!! And as for you, ive noticed you pulling away. And that ok if that is what you really want to do. I cant force you. But ill always be here!… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Freaking out
    I think I have completely an utterly lost my damn mind. Have you ever not been looking and what I've really been needing just pops up one day? That's me te past 12 hours. I've been through a lot but I'm a trooper. The kind of girl who doesn't lay down n accept defeat. All rationality that I knew kicked my ***. Life isn't always about numbers and projections. You can't predict 6 months like I can in business that is consuming. Truth is, and You know, I'm like a scared little girl right now. I know what I need, I know what I am interested in but I have no regrets and I never will. I'm not built to feel regret. I only have the WTF just happened. So I'm asking you, what is happening? Why does i… [more]