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I Am Bulimic and Anorexic

I Guess I Am Both i have a problem, that much is clear. i starve then i binge,starve then binge....that has been like this for a while now at first i didnt know i was starving myself i just didnt feel hungry any more... [more]
  • I Had A Bad Party Experience

    Blake's Party this is a very long story but i alwaysed wanted to share it so here we go.... it was my friend blake's birthday party, he wanted to spend it by passing on random acts of kindness to the people s… [more]
  • I Have Been to a Mental Hospital

    Only Slightly Crazy The first time i went to a mental hospital was september 3, 2011 and it went like this: i have written in a journal for several months. I was suicidal. i was talking about my plans, and perfered metho… [more]
  • I Miss Her Terribly

    Love You Kayla swetness behond compare wonderfully beautiful even though you do not always see it your love... is my love your pain... is my pain you are honestly … [more]
  • I Have Bulimia

    Laxitives Are My New Friends yep i use laxitives instead of vommiting...i find it to be better cause it is quieter than vomiting,your hands and breath doesnt smell like vomit and cause i personally think that swallowing laxitives… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    or at least im pretty sure that i am. however my foster mom a family friend doesnt want me to date any girls(kill joy!!!!!!!!) especially cause i love this girl named savanah we met at the mental hospital(i know romantic right ) besides what makes it worse is that we live miles away...can anything else make this any more ******?!!?!?!?!… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Cutting,Suicide,and all those Mental Hospitals
    i have been cutting since seventh grade, the reasons: abusive family,****** self esteem, being bullied all the time about my past religion Islam, lots of reasons bacicly...Someone who i thought was a friend called the concillre saying that i cut the counciller called my diddnt give a ****.. basicly no one did...several moths later we moved to Atascadero...there i changed my religion to hated that. in september went to first mental hospital for suicidal and my cutting got more severe and also went to burning myself too. left the hospital after 20 days there..returened home september 24 2011...second time mental hospital was from october 4th to october… [more]