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I Love to Write

Ch Ch Check It Out! :d SO excited I got so much more traffic to my blog last night!! Thanks to everyone that's checked it out! :D Whoever reads this should also check it out!! It would mean the world to me... [more]
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  • I Am Bi-curious

    Girl Talk I would love to talk to some gay/bi girls about being with girls, how they knew they were gay/bi, etc. I'm pretty confused right now and I think it might help me figure my feelings out a bit. Also, it… [more]
  • I Love Funny Guys

    I... wish I could find a guy who's as funny as me.... Then I remember, no one's as funny as me.… [more]
  • I Want To Throw A Party Project X Style

    Overview. (more Info Will Be Added) Just saw Project X and am feeling a bit inspired. Category: greatness Subcategory: of epic motherfukcing proportions Let's get sh!t done people. I'm gonna make it happen.… [more]
  • I Am Native American

    Algonquian I'm Algonquian. Is anyone else? What do you know about the history of the Algonquians?… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Cynicism to Romance
    Sometimes it's hard not to become cynical and just decide I hate guys. I've tried swearing them off a ton of times before but then the hopeless romantic in me comes out again... and I remember what being in love felt like... and to be honest, I miss it. I miss having someone to do little, sweet things for. I miss having someone in my life that's my best friend and lover at the same time. I miss the butterflies... and being crazy and loud and brave about how I felt no matter how ridiculous it seemed. I miss it all.… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    does anyone ever feel like this too?
    im almost always overwhelmingly sad and i cant explain why and thats for sure but something that isnt for sure is how ill react. sometimes i choose to get hammered and play my music obnoxiously loud and sing even louder while i stumble playing air guitar half naked while the sadness screams out in my head and heart.. and i dance it off..... other times i throw myself into making art or writing or i watch movies like: its kind of a funny story, the art of getting by, and perks of being a wallflower, and just soak in the depth of my unhappiness and cry from feeling the deafening sadness while i eat 5 caramellos, a big bag of popcorn with too much spray butter on it, and chug a bottle of dr. pe… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I witnessed my best friend in the whole world (since the age of 3) OD on heroine Sunday night.. I don't think I will ever be the same again. … [more]