I love good old style metal, especially heavy or power metal, but I appreciate all well written music. I am also a nature nut and an animal freak. I also know this will be weird for some of you people but I like being tickled probably a little more than I should. I enjoy a good challenge, especially the combination of physical/mental one like being tickled. It's not the only reason, just one of the big ones. For the most part I'm pretty diverse in my interests though. You need more information? Get to know me.

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I Want To Be Gang Tickled

I'm a huge lee, which means I'm attracted to/like being tickled. But sometimes, one person isn't enough! There are synergistic spots on me which can take the experience higher, both literally and... [more]
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  • I Am Extremely Ticklish

    I Am Really Ticklish. I can't think of any place on my body except for ONE that isn't ticklish. That one place is my throat, which makes sense to me since if you're not extremely gentle you could really hurt a person ther… [more]
  • I Am Addicted to Tickling

    Just Saying I'm An Addict Doesn't Quite Cut It. Let me give you some backstory. I've always "liked" being tickled, basically from the time I can remember to now, and unless something truly drastic happens very likely til I die. However, an event … [more]
  • I Want to Know Where You Are Ticklish

    Pretty Much Everywhere..... Well first of all, I'm pretty ticklish in the first place. My skin goes to 11. For those of you who got that reference, you freaking rule! .......Anyway, so I can't just say something like "I'm tic… [more]
  • I Love Getting Tickled

    ok you know me somewhat now, you know where my spots are and you know that I consider myself unbreakable, which has not been thoroughly tested yet. Generally, I LOOOVE being tickled. I'd rather have… [more]