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I Love Beautiful Amazing Animal Stories

Hammer And Anvil A species of chimpanzees found an ingenious way to crack nuts - through the hammer and anvil method. And here our story begins. Deep in a rainforest, a female chimpanzee... [more]
  • I Admire Discipline

    Discipline - The Key Ingredient To Success I just look around my life, successful people are really the most disciplined. With discipline they are able to focus and give it their all for all that they do. It's true that success does not come e… [more]
  • I Want Magical Powers

    When I Was Still Young And In Fantasy... When I was still young and in fantasy, I sat down with another friend of mine and we discussed with serious intent (yes, we did) what magical powers we wish to possess. We eventually came to a conclus… [more]
  • I Think Laughter Is the Best Medicine

    And They Say The Older You Get, The Less You Laugh Laughter is, in itself, a true embodiment of happiness and an outlet which allows us to release all our stress and worries for a brief episode in our lives. It is the most innocent, purest form of gen… [more]
  • I Like Philosophy

    Happiness - Choice Or Circumstance? I know I haven't been active on EP for quite a long while now, but I decided to pop by and share my thoughts once again. In the recent few months, the question has bugged me yet again -… [more]