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I am one of many unknown variables in the constant equation.

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Favorite Quote Functionless art is merely tolerated vandalism.
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Vices Vices? Like what gets me or what do I get other people with?
Politics Anarchist
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Books Nothing too wordy, but it should at least be interesting.
Music As long as it is put together well I don't care.
Movies I am a movie buff.
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I Am Craving Physical Contact

Sensuality I accidentally came across this song the other day and I had never heard it before which kind of shocked me because it was around in the 1990's when I was growing up. I thought it sounded like one of... [more]
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  • I Miss Thechurchlady

    I Miss Her She was an inspiring soul filled with fun I often liked watching her antics while eating a bun She was always there with a smile Even though you knew it was all a big pile… [more]
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    I Love You All
    Often times in our modern wilderness of stone and concrete where fences are made of internet cabling and unseen social boundaries we loose sight of the things we want to say. We loose ourselves in the politicaly correct confines that surround us where we are led to believe that each choice we make will be followed with some type of reaction that could upset the social standards we are forced to live. We are led to think that even the slightest misstep out of line will end up in a court system somewhere over some unforseen law that we didn't even know existed.I am reaching out to everyone who reads this to tell you that I love you.I am reaching out past the fences we are kept in for one reaso… [more]