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About I'm emo, I love me. I care about others feeling. I don't like for people to waste my time. I'm a lesbian and most of all I'm love with this beautiful woman my teacher! True Love Never Dies It Only Gets Stronger Within Time, is how I describe my life.. b4 i tell u anything else about mii, i'm emo... blahhh.. blahh... blahh.. wht else is there 2 know now rofl.. rock music and me r best friends!! i'm dark all the time... never a undark moment around miii. i'm pretty kewl all the time (mostly sane sometimes).. i hate drama.. soo if u live 4 drama.. see YAAAA!!! i heart writing death and bloody poems or stories... uhhh... i like have whtcha kall it sympathy and empathy bcuz like mii momma just died like on March 7,2011... {~!~}{R.I.P Mommy}{~!~} yea.. i mayb dark and crap but u can like tlk 2 mii if u want emos and whtever else u guys kall urself.. (i mean it 2) i once again love music some pop here and there.. death music uhh metal, hard metal.. or it's kalled death metal like it 2. i like adam lambert.. the fray.. audioslave.. avril lavigne... evanescence.. nickelback.. chris daughtry.. christina perri.. katy perry.. ke$ha.. lordi... p!nk.. the band perry.. uhh i love shinedown... there's more.. i'll look on mii facebook page 4 them...
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Favorite Quote “True love never dies it only gets stronger within time.”
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Horoscope Gemini
Special day 6-20
Books The House of the Night Series, Night World, Romantic Books..
Music Rock, Pop, ehh almost any really :P
Movies I Can Do Bad All By Myself
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