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Yumi is fond of sweet foods, japan, manga and anime, but is open to anything under the sun. She is of Chinese descent.

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Animes That Are Buried Here In My Heart :) D Gray Man: This anime always make me wanna cry before every time I watch it :")It also make me feel close to the characters :) I wish they will have a season 2, someday.Naruto... [more]
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    I've always felt empty. And I've gotten pretty used to it. The blank, neutral feeling has become a normal part of myself. What I do not know is, everything changes when you start falling because of deep problems. That everyday-part-of-my-life-emptiness starts showing itself painfully now. I want to cry! Scream! And have someone to lean on to. The feeling that it's so painful you can't even explain it anymore. You want to burst in tears and scream! Yet you don't have a place where you can do it fully, freely, without any need to hold back; Yet you have no one with you. You have people around you, you know them, they know you. And it makes it even more painful! Ignorance! You have people near … [more]