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    a friend who is not worth fighting for.
    Hi. I never talk behind people's back. especially if i know them. but let me let my steam out at least now. 3 years ago, I met a young woman (let me call her RUBY) of my age (30s)who is married to a retired and twice divorced man (this description will make sense later). we live in the same community so we see each other quite often. from the very start we talked, i had this feeling of discomfort about her air of arrogance... which i did not mind. but one thing that i particularly did not like about her is that she talks about other people's lives and complaining about life in general. i, then, became her listener and in return would give her advises. I was open to her from th… [more]
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    Posted on: September 27th, 2009 at 8:58PM

    Lying down in my bed I stare at the ceiling. It is blank. Square. Pointless. My mind is on stupor, things have no meaning. My senses have deserted me. My tears begin to well. But they refuse to roll down my cheeks and touch my lips. So its taste could bring back the memories of my younger years. when my mother could hug me in her arms with all her warmth... just like before. My tongue, my lips, my arms They are weak. Colours I do not see. Does anyone still care for me? I make noise inside me. Again and again. It is loud. Like a thunder in the east. Deafening. If only the blanket could restore … [more]