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okay so teen wolf is my life forever. kthanksbye

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I Have a Confession

Effective immediately, I am changing the conversation. I'll say hi when you walk past on the hall way. I'll smile at you. I'll be nice to you. No more awkwardness  no more regret. I'll just try... [more]
  • I Lost Friends

    They Say True Friends Don't Leave Your Side Ive never really had to cope with so much loss in such a short span of time. I spent half of my life just not caring what others thought and just being me. Then last year everything became almost per… [more]
  • I Watch Greys Anatomy

    My Thoughts Of Greys Anatomy Don't read this if you aren't up-to-date until season 9 :) *spoilers* Greys Anatomy is like the most amazing medical and drama show, like ever. So the first few seasons, AMAZING! Fr… [more]
  • I Like to Drink Tea

    My Day Isn't Complete Without Tea Everyday, while working and before going to bed I drink tea, with some honey. It really relaxes me and that's so great because I stress a lot. Not much else to say, but tea is awesome :)… [more]
  • I Cant Change the Past But I Can Change My Future

    I Can Change Anything I can't change the fact that we didn't work. I can't change the fact that we haven't spoken in so long. I can't change the fact that I think about you everyday. I can't change the fact that I messed u… [more]