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I Love Him

My Real First And Hopefully Only True Love<3 Im about to be a year with the most wonderful person that has come across my life. I love my bf so much. It feels like yesterday when we first started talking. He came across me in a social website... [more]
  • I Love a Man Who Has a Girlfriend

    I Know This Is A I Love As In Present .... But i once fell in love with this guy that had a girlfriend. He caught my eyes the first time i saw him but i knew i was too young for him and i was sure he would never look at me twice. So i let it g… [more]
  • I Am Moving Out

    Moving Out And Happy My life sucks right now but in just 4 more months and my life will be perfect. My parents are controlling nut jobs that live to make my life miserable and i can honestly say that i hate them. I'M the… [more]