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I am a big guy who loves to read and write. My other passions include sports. I am a very humble guy and I try to make as many friends as I can. I do not give away trust easy so people often call me a snob. It is ok, I wish to achieve a lot so I know I will run into some resistance a long the way. :)

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I Am a Christian and I Love Jesus

Meeting Jesus In the cold days of February I was in a homeless shelter program. Lots of things weren't working out too well and I knew that I needed something but I just didn't know what it was. I lost so many... [more]
  • I Am Puerto Rican

    Being Puerto Rican And Having Tourette's what an unique experience. i will surely have some stories to tell my grandchildren (if i ever have children of my own). it has been rough.… [more]
  • I Have Tourette Syndrome

    My Name Is Hector And I Have Tourette's Syndrome. I have had Tourette's for as long as I could remember. I am twenty four years old and this is one of things that is included in the DNA of my personality. I have tried many times to figure out a way… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    Being Homeless (Lessons learned)
    I am sorry to all my friends on here who have not heard from me in so long. I lost my job in March after working there for three years and I finally felt the wrath of the recession. Recently, I finally got a new place to live but still need help in finding a job. Thank God for my family who has helped me through this terrible ordeal. i do not know if any of you are complaining about your jobs but all I have to say from experience is do not take anything for granted and appreciate everything. I highly regret the words that came out of my mouth when I decided to retaliate to the kitchen manager. As you may have guessed I could not find a job in time and I found myself on the street… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    It blows being alone...
        I have not spoken to my mother in a while.  We got in contact recently and I was happy to speak to her again.  She was very concerned over the fact that I am still without a girlfriend after my last relationship ended.  Usually, I don't think too much of being alone and bearing is a little easier.  My mother's word got to me in a way and I realized being alone sucks.  I am not sure what other people do to deal with this issue.  I have not been in a relationship in three years and I know I do not need to be in one.  I am twenty five years old and I would like a female companion.      My looks aren't going to be the lure that brings her in so I have to do so by other means.  I have always … [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    it is amazing how some things do not change.
    I saw a couple of old friends at the bar today that i had not seen since middle school. we spoke and all of a sudden my tourette's was brought up. all of a sudden i remember how badly they teased me when i was in middle school. i thought the years in between that time would have changed things but surely enough they began to crack jokes about it. that was not what surprised me. i had told myself that being teased like that would no longer hurt me but i was wrong. i got upset and had to leave the bar. i began to cry and i felt like i was in middle school again. i wonder, how much has really changed in 12 years? has anything changed?… [more]