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I Have a Dog

My Little Dog Maggie Just when I thought we had turned a corner Maggie's wound above the stitches has started to break down and it has been weeping most of the afternoon. I have been back to the vet, who is resisting... [more]
  • I Distrust Camels And Others Who Can Go A Week Without A Drink

    It'S Not Normal Some say it's very normal for a Camel to go without a drink for a week, but I met this camel once who said, 'Don't you believe it'. He said (and I say he because he had smaller humps), 'I did it once … [more]
  • I Have a Dog

    My Little Dog Maggie I'm feeling a bit down and upset today as my dog Maggie was attacked by an unmuzzled Greyhound on her walk today, so is very poorly. I took her to the vet who stitched her up under a general. I have t… [more]
  • I Want to Improve the Experience Project

    Programmers And System Designers I think EP would win more friends if they listened to the views of members, Too many changes just happen and I beginning to think they do what they want without listening. We matter to you, so please … [more]
  • I Have a Dog

    My Little Dog Maggie I am peased to say that Maggie is showing good signs of recovering. It will take her quite some time to get back to her normal self, but at least things are heading in the right direction. … [more]