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I Am Dating An Older Man

I fell in love with him right away. He's a strong christian, gentleman, and a tattoo'd metal head. He's 23 years older than me but i seem older than what i am and he seems younger than what he is. I'm... [more]
  • I Am In a Long Distance Relationship

    Meeting Him So, i met my boyfriend on an app on my iPod. Everyday's been perfect so far, i feel comfortable meeting him, but i'm too nervous to. He lives about 3 miles away but i'm probably meeting him at the mov… [more]
  • I Relationships

    I have a boyfriend i met online. He's 39 and i'm 18. He's picking me up from school tomorrow and we're going to hangout and probably go eat. I honestly have strong feelings for him. We met and talked … [more]
  • I Want to Find a New Life

    I'm going to start going to church, working out, eating right, cleaning up around the house and my stepdad's even going to give me $1000 to get a new wardrobe! First thing: find who i really am and go… [more]