Male , 18-21

Loving male trying to make his way with his brother and roommate. Prone to affectionate gestures and getting overly attached easily.

May or may not have DPD.

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I Like to Share My Thoughts

Fellin' Like Sharin' My Thoughts. Just gonna ramble. First off, I recently "got over" the girl that's been the focus of my emotional desires for a while, mostly because I realized that it was a futile chase, for multiple... [more]
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  • I Hug Differently Depending On Who It Is I Am Hugging

    My Hugs Depend Both On The Situation And The Person. I'm the huggiest person you'll probably ever meet. If you let me, I'd hold on basically until I'm shoved off. But that's usually only if I genuinely like you. My usual hug chart goes something like th… [more]
  • I Feel Love When I Read Your Words

    Words Affect Me Deeply. I enjoy talking with friends because of that. It always feels good to talk with someone you care about, even over the computer. It's even better when you both feel good talking to each other … [more]
  • I Wonder About the Life Story of Every Stranger I Encounter

    Sometimes It Just Blindsides Me As weird as it sounds, sometimes I forget that other people are... people. I go about my day almost like a machine now. Work, home/sleep, work, maybe friends/home/sleep, work. But today, during a slow… [more]
  • I Hate How Much I Love You

    I Can't Help Myself. I know you don't love me. I know you just want to be friends. I wish I could say the same. I hate that my common sense gets thrown out the window when you enter the equation. I hate that I can't help … [more]