Female , 22-25

Strengths: Highly observant and sensitive to other people's feelings and needs; a very attentive listener and peacemaker.

Hangups: uncomfortable when people i know ask too many personal questions; has a great deal of trouble saying 'no' to people, even when i should.

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Favorite Quote If you\'re scared to look back, and affraid to look ahead, you can look beside you, and I will always be there
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Horoscope Sagittarius
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I Write Poetry

To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before This is my attempt at writing a slam poetry piece. I know it's not exactly proffessional satus, but I hope you all enjoy. To all the girls I’ve loved before, The beginning... [more]
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  • I Am A Teen Rape Victim

    I've Never Been The Same... I was 15, for freshman year of high school. I had and in everywhere so I was invited to all the senior parties. Well, this was my last, and I will forever remember it like it was yesterday....… [more]
  • I Am Coming Out of the Closet

    That Was Grand! so my best friend for the last couple years now and I were talking yesterday planning what to do for her visit home and catching up a bit. now, I NEVER once thought to tell her I was gay before. like,… [more]
  • I Am a Closet Lesbian

    Valentines Help I've always liked doing something 'sweet' for the girls in my life around Valentine's Day. Well this year, I don't know what to do. This girl I work with has had me wrapped around her finger for month… [more]
  • I Am a Closet Lesbian

    Parents... I started coming out last summer officially. if I think about it, more like 3yrs ago to a good friend i grew up with. But lately is has been easier and easier to admit to my friends as well as myself … [more]