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I Am Underweight

I am 5 foot and 11 inches , I weigh 77pounds and my BMI is 15.6 Is this bad ? If it is , How bad ?  [more]
  • I Am a Real Practacing Black Magic Vampire Witch

    Me I really want to learn black magic , I have always thought of black magic and always tried spells etc. but I never seem to be able to do it , I love witches and vampires and I think i might be somethi… [more]
  • I Want Someone to Talk Or Chat With

    I Need Someone To Talk To I need someone to talk to , Someone who won't say "but you're .. " or "but you're not.." Please anyone close to my age comment or add me to your circle , I want to listen to you too… [more]
  • I Love My Sister

    My Sister My sister runs away from home over silly things , I'm always afraid that one day well never know when she does and/or we lose her, when she threatens to run away I beg my mum to lock all the doors and… [more]
  • I Have A Weird Phobia

    My Phobia I have a phobia of .... bananas All because when I was younger (about 4) someone threw an old banana peel and it hit my face ... … [more]