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Hello. I'm socially awkward. Nice to meet you. *insert awkward silence here* :)

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I Wish He Would Love Me Like He Used to

I Wonder Why He Stopped Liking Me... Ever felt like somebody might like you? And then suddenly. That person has no interest in you at all. And you're left wondering what happened? What changed? Did he just changed his mind? Did he just... [more]
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  • I Wish He Loved Me Like I Love Him

    We Are "Friends..." Okay I like this guy and we're supposed to be friends. I'm not planning on putting myself out there and confess to him or anything, since I know he doesn't see me like that in any way. Sometimes I eve… [more]
  • I Can't Stop Thinking About Him

    First Time It's the first time that I'm thinking so much about a person that it's hurting me... I want it to stop... I miss him...… [more]
  • I Love the Autumn-fall Season

    Autumn Is So Much More Than Just A Season... Autumn is so much more to me than just a season. It's the person I love. It's the experiences I will always hold dear. It's a gentle cold embrace. It's the smell of an air full of promises... The seas… [more]
  • I Love the Way Music Makes Me Feel

    Sad Love Songs And Smiles :) I love listening to song which I can relate to! Sadly most songs are sad-love-songs... But in the end I find myself smiling :) I love the songs so much that it makes me smile! There is always a part i… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    That one special person and that weird feeling I can't name...
    One of my friends is really special to me. I really love being his friend :D I really don't know what it is about him, but he's incredibly important to me. I used to be close with him begin last year, then we suddenly didn't talk anymore... I  really disliked that. I would listen to sad love-songs and think about him. Even though I didn't actually think of him that way... I think... It's all difficult for me to understand the feelings I have towards him... I love him as I friend. He has been a very important person to me for a long time now. I don't even remember how I started feeling this way about him. This year after spending Christmas with some friends I was able to become closer to him … [more]