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    I spam
    If you read this confession and don't post it on your whiteboard and whiteboard of  at least 3 of your friends - you will get AIDS.Unless you know me.… [more]
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    Hell.I love cold weather just because she will wear that jacket.… [more]
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    did this boy know how to swim question
    That person creates a troll and asks same question over and over again,until it's profile is deleted.Maybe some find it funny,probably everyone finds it annoying,but it makes me a bit scared to be honest.Such quantity of obsession and insanity is just sad and dangerous.In real world these people behave differently,but it's good to know what really goes on in their heads.So my point is that our parents were right - if you have a child don't let her/him talk to strangers.… [more]
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    karma and destiny
    Hottest Questions Today Do you believe in karma and destiny? 94 Answers • Resolved Asked By: Questionator 1 day ago in Lifestyle and Style I'm so sick of that ****.It is all over my head and deep in every pocket.One day I'm gonna sit on the toilet seat and there will be  "Do you believe in karma ?" on toilet paper ! … [more]