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I Am Not a Morning Person

Is it just me, or is the morning sun the biggest as*hole in the solar system? I mean seriously, the rays of light hitting your eyes is just irritating. That nasty morning taste in your mouth is... [more]
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  • I Am Against Teenage Pregnancy

    I honestly don't understand why a girl feels the need to keep it. Here's the thing, I think if a teenage girl gets pregnant and decides to keep it, she is a fool. How is one kid going to take care of … [more]
  • I Experienced Racism

    You know. When you really open your ears you realizes that racism is in most people around you. People if you go to my account page you will see my ethnicity in the info part. Anyways- I grew up aroun… [more]
  • I Know What I Find Attractive

    Wit, cunning, intelligence. A woman who can get beaten down by life, and still find straighten to get back up. One who is real, who can see past the bullshit, not be part of it. Open mindedness. One w… [more]
  • I Love Books

    Cirque Du Freak, by Darren Shan. People if you haven't read the series, then stop what your doing put everything but your car keys down, and go to your nearest book store. Purchase all tw… [more]