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This wolf still has teeth~

Call me Rin or Wolfie. Nice to meet you~

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I Am Part Of The Dark Moons Wolf Pack

Eeasir Way To Communicate I have a suggestion...but before I do it I woulf like for pack members to say if they'd think its a good idea. I would like to make a facebook group for the Darkmoons'd be easier if for... [more]
BloodMonsterX has shared 7 Mature Experiences
  • I Am a Wolf Traped In a Human Body

    Wolf Dream So iv always been into wolves...but a couple months ago i had a dream that was just amazing. Ok, i was walking in the woods, it was getting dark then this boy comes up to me and tells me to follow hi… [more]
  • I Spirit Keep

    What Is Spirit Keeping? Answer... Paranormal collecting is a wide-spread phenomena. A global source of enjoyment you can find collectors in nearly every country. Parnormal collectors and well as paranormal collecting is varied greatly… [more]
  • I Am A Naughty Good Girl

    Naughty Nights... So I'm usually always a good girl...sweet to a lot of people...I do have my perverted moments just to be funny you know? lol but at night...oh god. Idk what happens honestly I get like super hot and h… [more]
  • I Am a Wolf Traped In a Human Body

    Growl Today I was going to go walking but that stupid hunter guy was down there again and when i got back inside i sat down I was angry so I growled but this time...I actually Growled O.O I was like..."was … [more]