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One of the few objects you wont notice while walking down the path of your life. I am missing few screws in my head, so if anyone found it, please let me know. At first look you will notice I am a serious, introvert, Geek or emotionless subject. But when you will get to know me you will see i am neither of these, but only silly and hasty. lol. At this point most people stops, but if you continue exploring I assure you, you will find a person who isnt fake atleast, and yes i do care for people around me.
Had loved someone so badly that the wound heals slow. but anyway I am still up and running, thanks to my job i can concentrate at other stuffs.
Right now single, really not ready to mingle as I have some skyscrapper dreams. but at the end of the day i do feel kind of lonely. Maybe its because I miss the time of last relationship. i dont know.
I love manga, right now i want few tattoos and a piercing. (dont ask :P ).
I tried to say something about me, i am not sure if that helped you cause i realy have no idea why are you reading this, lol. I am just a normal guy you leave behind while walking down the pavement without noticing.

I believe every people have some invisible aura glowing around him, which determines how popular or impressive that person is. and certainly i lack some of those :P

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Favorite Quote “Cry. Forgive. Learn. Move on. Let your tears water the seeds of your future happiness.
  • 100% Indian (Bengali)
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Books lots of. Rabindranath specially
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