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I Love Lady Gaga

Little Monster Since October 2010 Oh my gaga, i love Gaga so much, she is my idol. I've been a little monster since October 2010 when my then friends played Alejandro, Bad Romance and Just Dance in the car, I couldn't stop dancing and... [more]
  • Health Confessions

    i hate myself
    i hate everything about myself, i have major insecurities with my body, i get told im a good looking guy but i cant see that, i feel ugly, my hair is dry, nobody really likes me, cept for my bestfriend, i have low self esteem, i just wanna go into hiding and never show my face anywhere, thats how bad i feel, i cry almost every night, ive been bullied all my life… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    im a unicorn
    i think its time i told the truth. im not human, im really a purple unicorn with green polka dots on one side and a rainbow on the other, ive learned to type and talk just like humans so no one would ever know my secret but now i thought i would share it with the world.… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    How i found EP and i like Justin Bieber
    yes i must confess i found EP by randomly searching Justin Bieber stories on google, i joined so i could comment on one i found here, i am not a fan of his music but i like him as a person, he seems cool and actually has a kind and caring heart, i mean sure his ego is bigger than the Empire State Bldg but he's a kid and can't really help it. All of you that hate him are just judging him based on what you see and you are also jealous of his fame and fortune at such a young age, oh and contrary to popular belief he did earn it. I know i'm gonna get hate comments for this but i dont care cos i will simply ignore them.… [more]