Sorry friends, I'm putting the mask on again. If I pretend I'm cheery, I might be happy some day.

What defines pain? Is it something to be learned from? Or possibly to harm us for all eternity? But I see it as it is. The ultimate form of beauty. The one thing man shall never create an alternative for.

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I Want You to Read This Before You Add Me to Your Circle

READ IT! Ok...some things. 1. No perverts. Not here for anything like that. Keep it in yer head! 2. Talk to me first. If you do not talk to me, I will be less likely to add you. Why? I don't... [more]
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    Bi + Bi = <3 Both myself and my gf are bisexual, and we have known it most of our lives. We had found eachother quite interesting for some time, and even though we are nothing alike, we decided to start a relation… [more]
  • I Can't Have Children

    Shoved In My Face I always wanted to settle down and start a family. I always did. But how is that possible if I can't make a family of my own? I'm all for adoptions, but it still hurts. I will never have a child of my… [more]
  • I Am Jashinist

    Looking Back i remember the first time i came upon this site in my search for fellow jashinists. there were so few believers, i just skipped over this site and didn't bother to do anything. this search was only a… [more]
  • I Have Been Cheated On

    Cheater Of Beauty I see her walk down She looks so fine Would you like to stop For dinner sometime? But remember deep Deep in my side That she is just Another lie … [more]